Who are Quilter Private Client Advisers and what do we stand for?

Quilter Private Client Advisers can help you with all your financial planning needs. Our particular expertise lies in helping our clients with more complex financial matters such as significant investments, estate planning, and preparing for retirement.

We want to be known for the trusted financial advice we provide, and we invest in the professional development of our financial planners and support staff to facilitate this. Long-term security and peace of mind is key to us and our clients. We aim to secure your financial future through lasting relationships and delivering trusted, advice-based solutions.

We understand that your financial journey lasts a lifetime, from your first savings or home purchase, through to inheritances and retirement. We can help you to grow, protect, enjoy, and then pass on your wealth.

We are proud to be part of SIFA Professional which helps financial advisers build valuable relationships with solicitors and other legal professionals to maximise outcomes to clients. Endorsed by the Law Society, we became members in 2019 after meeting SIFA’s due diligence criteria for working with solicitors.

Our commitment to you

We are so confident in what we do and the quality of our advisers that we’ve set out our commitment in what we call our Client Charter.

At all times in our relationship with you, we would like you to feel that:

  • you trust us
  • you’re well looked after
  • you feel that we’ve improved your financial wellbeing

  • you’re satisfied that we kept our promises to you
  • there were no surprises
  • the things that are important to you are understood.

By keeping these promises we will help you achieve prosperity, security and peace of mind.

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What we do

We're here to help secure your financial future by supporting you with trusted advice every step of the way.

What are the benefits of financial advice?

Our expert advice will help you achieve the goals that secure your financial future. We can really make a difference.