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Working with Solicitors and Accountants

Many of your clients will need regulated financial advice during their lives. This may involve predictable events such as tax, trust and estate planning, selling a business, down-sizing and inheritance, through to less expected matters such as a relationship breakdown or negotiating various claims and their damages awards. Quilter Private Client Advisers works closely with other professionals before, during and after such client matters are negotiated and settled. These include:

  • Solicitors and Accountants
  • Deputies of the Court of Protection
  • Guardians of the Guardianship Court
  • Accountants from the Big 4 firms who need compliant investment solutions conforming to personal independence rules

How our specialisms complement yours

Whether you are a solicitor, barrister, accountant, or consultant, when you work with one of our financial planners, we recognise that it’s vital we have an understanding of the key technical points, laws and regulations practised by other professionals for the benefit of our mutual clients. We run extensive training sessions delivered by external professionals for our financial planners and investment managers to ensure the interplay between you and us is timely, helpful, and accurate.

We appreciate that, like us, your confidence in who you work with relies on fundamental attributes such as credibility and reputation. But we also know how important it is to complement your advice at the right time and in the right way.

Our exciting offering for you and your clients

From our experience of working with solicitors and accountants for the same client matters, we know clients receive a more comprehensive solution which often leads to better outcomes.

Building on our existing offering, our experienced team is creating a range of joined-up specialist propositions that will bring valuable financial planning and investment management input to key life events experienced by your clients, incorporating:

  • Holistic financial planning from expert Financial Planners at Quilter Private Client Advisers
  • Discretionary investment management from our sister company Quilter Cheviot

Let’s start our journey together

Contact our friendly professional services team now to explore the valuable solutions and outcomes we can help you achieve for your clients, and we’ll be pleased to guide you to one of our expert financial planners.

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