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How much it costs

It used to be difficult to pin down the cost of financial products and services. The charges for financial advice for example were frequently met by commission from product providers. Although in reality they were paid for by the client, through charges on their investments, the amounts and frequencies were obscure and opaque.

Things are much more transparent now. We prefer it this way and so do our clients.

It’s important for us to ensure you are clear about how much our services cost. We will always give you a clear explanation of how much you will pay, what service you are paying for, how we’ve calculated the fees, and when you need to pay.

You can choose whether you can take up our ongoing service offer or just pay for a one-off advice need.

You can also consider different payment options. We will discuss these with you and answer any questions you have.

We will not charge you until you have agreed how and what you will pay.

You can find more details of fees here.