How much will it cost?

We're here to help you secure your financial future through trusted advice. It’s important for us to be transparent about how much our services cost. At your free initial consultation, we will give you a clear explanation of how much you will pay, what service you are paying for, how we’ve calculated the fees and charges, and when you need to pay.

You will not pay anything until you have agreed how and what you will pay. You can choose whether you prefer to pay for one-off advice, or take up our offer of ongoing advice as well. You can also consider different payment options.

The fees and charges will depend on the type of advice you receive. Not all the fees and charges described here will apply to every type of advice. You can see more about the fees and charges for specific types of advice by visiting the relevant section using the links at the bottom of this page.

Here’s an example for an existing client based on a £250,000 investment, assuming the value remains constant at £250,000. The actual fee amounts you pay will change based on the value of your investments and the funds you choose to invest in, and whether you are a new or existing client.

In the first year:

Fee type Percentage amount Monetary amount
Advice initial fee* 1% £2,500
Advice ongoing fee 0.88% £2,200
Platform charge** 0.19% £475
Investment charge*** 0.85% £2,125
Total cost in first year 2.92% £7,300


In future years:

Fee type Percentage amount Monetary amount
Total ongoing yearly cost 1.92% £4,800


Total = £7,300. This is for the first year and is based on an investment value of £250,000. The ongoing cost in each subsequent year in this scenario, based on a constant investment value of £250,000, would be £4,800. The ongoing yearly cost is made up of the ongoing advice fee, platform charge and investment charge.

* Our initial fees are on a stepped basis where the investment is set up on our wealth planning and review service.

** The Platform charge is for the servicing and administration of your investments, through which you can invest in a wide range of investment solutions.

*** The investment charge is made by the fund manager. It is the cost of investing in that particular investment funds and can vary between funds.


Insurance advice covers:

  • Life assurance & Critical illness
  • Income protection
  • Accident, sickness and unemployment
  • Home insurance
  • Private medical insurance


Mortgage advice covers:

  • Residential mortgages
  • Consumer buy-to-let mortgages
  • Business buy-to-let mortgages




All investments, either from our core Quilter proposition or the wider market. Including:

  • ISAs
  • Bonds
  • Pensions
  • Investment accounts

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You might get back less than you invested.

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