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Thank you for visiting our Quilter Community registration page. Our online community gives you the opportunity to have a real say on the decisions we make as a business, how we can provide a better service and how we communicate with you.

Run by our chosen independent agency, LWRTonic and its sister company 'icanmakeitbetter', the community allows you to help guide the way we develop, improve as a business and communicate effectively with you.

What is the Quilter Community?

Put simply, it’s an opportunity to help us with your valuable input as a client.  We could be asking your thoughts and opinions on all manner of topics.  This could be through surveys, quick polls, focus groups and more, and you can choose exactly how much or how little you want to participate.

How do I sign up?

Once you have decided to sign up to the Quilter Private Client Advisers Client Community, known as the Quilter Community, please click this link:

Register now

You will then be taken to another page, where it will ask you to confirm that you are interested and would like to create an account.

Screen page before logging in

Please choose ‘Yes, I’d like to create an account’ if you wish to do so. You will then be taken to this screen. 

Sign up

The first time you see this screen, you will be asked to sign up to the Quilter Community. Simply provide your email address and choose a username and password. Once you have done this, you will receive a welcome email from 'icanmakeitbetter' confirming that you can start logging into the community itself.

The email address we contacted you with should be the email address you provide to sign up to the community. We will also use the same email address to contact you and let you know about new surveys and activities that you can participate in.

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What's in it for me?

  • Your chance to have a voice, to tell us how we can work better and make life easier for you
  • The chance to discuss your views with other people like you online
  • Regular newsletters so you can see examples of exactly how your feedback has influenced what we do
  • You will only ever be contacted by our chosen independent agency and will never be contacted by other companies as a result of being a Community member, and you can opt out any time
  • £1 for each survey that's completed will go to Quilter's charity, the Quilter Foundation. Find out what the Quilter Foundation supports and stands for here.


What will I do as a member of the Quilter Community?

Here are a few examples of the types of topics you might help us with:

  • Guiding us on the development of new products, or enhancements to existing products
  • Giving us honest feedback on the services we provide and how they compare to others
  • Telling us what you think of our communications to help us to be the clearest and most transparent in the industry
  • Giving your views on our planned advertising campaigns before we launch them
  • Airing your thoughts on wider topics about finances, investments and society.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do as a member of the Quilter Community?

What will you do with my answers?

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How will I hear about new things?

How do I sign up?

About QPCA

Quilter Private Client Advisers helps clients with their financial planning needs. Our particular expertise lies in helping our clients with more complex financial matters such as significant investments, estate planning, and preparing for retirement. Since its inception in October 2015, the company has grown from ten employees to over 200 staff across six regional offices. A Quilter plc owned business it currently serves over 11,000 households with combined assets of £2.8Bn.