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Expert opinion from Quilter Investors

Quilter Investors is the fund management business which sits at the heart of the Quilter companies. It provides advisers and their clients with high quality multi-asset investment solutions. Here, its experts share their views on the potential impact that Brexit could have on the investment market, and also outlooks for 2019 from both the in-house team and our fund manager partners.

Our guide to ‘investing in volatile times’ is a useful reminder of the seven essential investment principles that could help you reach your investment goals.

Please note, if you have any concerns regarding the ongoing suitability of your investments, your financial planner is best placed to discuss these with you.

Danny Knight


UK market braces for more Brexit uncertainty - In his latest article, Danny Knight, Head of investment directors at our sister company Quilter Investors, summarises the current position and explains that while the fog of Brexit may be starting to clear, this is no time to let domestic issues cloud your judgement.