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Preparing for Brexit

We continue to monitor the situation closely and plan for all potential outcomes. Our main concern is that Brexit uncertainty risks undermining investor confidence and this has an impact on our customers. Our focus therefore is on supporting customers and their financial advisers.

We do not take a political position; it is important for the Government to move as swiftly as possible to a conclusion to enable greater certainty for all.

As the facts become clear, we will provide detailed information to our customers who will be directly impacted by Brexit, including any action that may need to be taken. We appreciate these are uncertain times, but it’s important not to make any rash decisions without the help of a professional adviser. If you do have any concerns regarding the ongoing suitability of your investments, your financial adviser is best placed to discuss these with you, so we strongly advise you get in touch with them. You can find more information on why financial advice is so important here.

Below you will find out more, including the thoughts of our experts. We’ll be updating and expanding the information here in the lead up to Brexit.

Expert opinion

Experts at Quilter share their views on the potential impact that Brexit could have on the investment market, and also outlooks for 2019 from both the in-house team and our fund manager partners.

Brexit webcast

Watch our webcast recording that took place on Thursday 17 January.